tool site got injected

tool site got injected

Albert He

Thank you for fixing the issue!

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20/05/2019 19:11
Aiden –Staff

Dear Albert He,

Thank you for your patience to waiting an update from us through this ticket.
We’ve checked directly to your website pages Barcode.aspx and there is no script called http://www.replicawatches

But we’ve found that script in your “Site.master” file and we’ve checked these files last modified is in 9/21/2017.
Currently we’ve deleted this script below in your site.master file
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We assumed that unknown script could be injected through your website Script or perhaps if you are using the search engine optimization, please you can try to escalate this issue to your website developer.
As we explained earlier, from our web server side, your “site.master” file last modified in 9/21/2017

Thank you

Best Regards
Support Team

20/05/2019 18:19

Dear Albert He

Thank you for contacting Technical Support,
Sorry for delay update your ticket, Apologize for the inconvenience.
We need some additional time to investigate this issue further.
I’ll update this ticket again if we’ve fixed this issue.
Please kindly wait for next update on this ticket.
Thank You.


20/05/2019 17:03
Albert HeClient

The site adds unexpected contents.

I don’t know where it come from. Please help!


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