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07/12/2019 10:13
Albert HeClient


04/12/2019 10:08
Aiden –Staff

Dear Albert He,

As per your request, we’ve restored your current wwwroot folder from our backup system on 2019-12-03.
Before we have done that restoration process, we have backed up your earlier wwwroot folder which showing an error and has renamed that wwwroot folder to wwwroot_4Dec2019.
We’ve checked now from our side, your website has been working properly using the backup file on 2019-12-03.
Please kindly check it again at your end.

Thank you

Best Regards
Support Team

04/12/2019 09:47
Albert HeClient

sorry it was 2019-12-03

04/12/2019 09:46
Albert HeClient

2019-11-03 around 11pm EST. install awstats and failed.
2019-11-03 around 11:30 EST. recover the site fundingworld.org by extract backup file to original location.
Not work.

Thank you!

04/12/2019 07:44

Dear Albert He,

Could you give me the specific date when you update your website files ?
For example, 03/12/2019 or 02/12/2019.
That way I can check our backup and if it’s available, I can try to replace your website files with our backup.
Please advise,
Thank you

Kind Regards,
Support Team

04/12/2019 07:39
Albert HeClient

I tried to install awstats but failed last night. The bad thing is, it broke the site fundingworld.org, and cannot be uninstalled. I tried to recover it by extract the backup contents to original location, but it does not fix the issue. Could you please help to fix the issue?

Thanks and regards,

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