The site vincentkempp.com all the sudden getting error: “Error establishing a database connection”

Albert He: vincentkempp.com all the sudden getting error: “Error establishing a database connection”

Albert He: This question is related to account: hostlike.com

Svetoslav D.: Hello Albert

Albert He: Hi

Svetoslav D.: Welcome to our live chat

Albert He: Could you please take a look the site

Svetoslav D.: I see your query and I will do my best to assist with this!

Albert He: as i know recently wp version is updating, getting lots of problem,this might be related

Svetoslav D.: would you please allow me few moments while I check your account and look into this

Albert He: thanks

Albert He: I found that someone changed wp-config file, and remove user/password!

Albert He: is the server hacked?

Svetoslav D.: This is what I am looking at as well and was gong to ask if you have made any changes to it. The server is not hacked and neither have we detected any kind of malware on your account

Svetoslav D.: did you make any changes before this happened?

Albert He: I did not touch it for months

Svetoslav D.: I can restore the config file only from backups that we have created of your account. from what I see in file manager, the config file has been edited on the 2nd this month

Albert He: I did

Albert He: now working

Albert He: hwo to prevent this happening

Albert He: it was changed for a long time, not sure when, i restored to dec 29, it still wrong

Svetoslav D.: what I can suggest to start from is check the website and make sure that all plugins you have and the theme are updated as an outdated plugin may have a breach which can be used to alter files of the webste

Albert He: I doubt the auto update is creatting too many problems

Albert He: could you please stop them?

Albert He: but the password was removed is not done by auto updates, eight it was hacked or someone did something by mistake

Albert He: it seems your server is not secure

Svetoslav D.: for all sites? we highly discourage doing this as having and outdated application can be considered a serious security breach. if we had an issue with a shared server, many people would be affected and it would have been known

Svetoslav D.: I can assure you that what has happened did not happen due to security breach on the server

Svetoslav D.: Since you mentioned that you have not touched it for months, an outdated plugin / theme is the most probable cause for such issue

Albert He: auto update should be safe, but it always creating problem!!

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You seem to be offline. Please check your internet connection and remain in the chat session, while we are trying to reconnect you.

Svetoslav D.: auto updates are safe security wise, it can cause issues on websites if something is not compatible with the latest wordpress version.Svetoslav D.: If you insist on having auto udpates disabled for this website specifically, I can forward this to our senior techs as they are the ones that can disable it

Albert He: I have disabled them but it still being updated

Albert He: I know some updates are for security, but it should be fully tested, not always creatting problem

Svetoslav D.: our senior techs are the ones that can disable the auto updates which we have implemented on our servers

Albert He: if they do, i want to know what they do on the site. so that i can verify it

Albert He: to avoid creating another problem

Svetoslav D.: they will not do anything on the website, they will just remove it from the auto update list, which only our senior techs have access to do

Albert He: ok please do it.

Svetoslav D.: posting a ticket about disabling auto updates on vincentkempp.com, please bear with me while I post it

Albert He: Thanks!

Svetoslav D.: Ticket is posted and our senior techs are on the matter already. Our techs will get back to you with a reply to the ticket within 15 minutes. You can view the ticket from your User Area —> Support tab —> View my Tickets on the right side of the page, and the ticket number is 3404927

Albert He: Thank you!

Svetoslav D.: You are most welcome, Albert! If anything comes up, you know where to find us!

Svetoslav D.: Goodbye for now and take care!

Albert He: good night!

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