stop automatic renewing account

Albert He: The account has been renewed automatically, please stop automatically renew account and reverse the payment.

(the previous conversation was interupted due to wifi issue)

Albert He: This question is related to account: vincentke.com

Plamen N.: Hello Albert, welcome to our live chat.

Albert He: Good morning!

Plamen N.: Good morning to you as well 🙂

Plamen N.: I am on it, cancelling the account and initiating the refund for you

Albert He: thanks

Plamen N.: Thank you for the patience!

Albert He: the end date is aug 21, 2019, right?

Plamen N.: The account was set to the old expiration date and was cancelled. Full refund for 239.40 USD was initiated from our end for you. Yes, that is the expiration date, you are perfectly correct

Albert He: thanks a lot!

Plamen N.: I highly appreciate it and you are always most welcome Albert!

Plamen N.: Please, if anything else comes up feel free to reach us back anytime 🙂

Albert He: Have a wonderful day!

Plamen N.: Thank you!

Plamen N.: Wish you best of luck and an excellent day ahead!

Albert He: you too, bye!

Plamen N.: Take care 🙂

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Plamen is a people person, who tries to bring positivity wherever he goes. He loves helping others and explaining things with an easy-going approach. He is also interested in tech-related stuff, which is why he decided to study Business informatics.

What does Plamen love doing when he is not working?

Plamen is a sportsperson, who loves getting involved in many activities. He loves playing football, going to the gym and running. Movies, books and video games are also on his long list of hobbies.

What does Plamen say about his experience at SiteGround?

“The main reason I started at SiteGround is because I love challenges and SiteGround is a good one. The great team, combined with the educational and rewarding days, make the challenge more enjoyable and effective.”

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