memcache not working

Albert He: memcache not working

Albert He: This question is related to account: hostlike.com

Alexander I.: Hello Albert

Alexander I.: Glad to have you over the live chat

Albert He: Hi

Albert He: good evening

Albert He: I got error on m.211.services site. error message: “Uncaught Error: Class ‘Memcache’ not found in /home/hostlike/pubweb/211app/api/objects/language.php:20”

Alexander I.: Thank you for the details above. Can you share with me the website url and where do you see this exactly so I can check it on my end as well ?

Albert He: https://m.211.services

Alexander I.: Thank you , I am on the website now , can you tell me where do you see the error ?

Albert He: if you open developer tool (i’m using chrome) you will see the error on ajax returned “data” value

Albert He: i can send you screenshot if you need

Alexander I.: I see your memcache is actually not active from the server side in your super cacher if you wish I can activate this for you ?

Albert He: ok. how can i do it from my end?

Albert He: it seems “level 3 memcached” is no need to activated. I tried to enable it, but not help

Alexander I.: I see it is still not active do you wish me to activate it for you ?

Albert He: of cause. is it activate for all sites?

Albert He: how can i control it on my end?

Albert He: hello

Alexander I.: Yes , I activated it now , it can be managed from your super cacher in the cPanel when you go to level 3 there I just set it to ON as it was OFF and not active

Albert He: I set to on already, but still not work

Albert He: now still not work

Alexander I.: Is there anything else I could assist you with ?

Albert He: could you please help to fix this issue?

Alexander I.: Yes , we activated the memcaching already , please allow it some time for this to apply on the website

Albert He: the issue still exists

Albert He: I’m setting the same error

Albert He: getting

Alexander I.: This is not on the active website correct ? Only when you check the page source ?

Albert He: the site is not working without it

Alexander I.: Can you tell me please what is not working specifically I am on https://m.211.services now and it loads here for me ?

Albert He: it works on another account, I just move it here, nothing changed, but just not working

Albert He: as before

Alexander I.: Is there a specific set up you do on the website that leads to this error ?

Albert He: yes when you open https://m.211.services you will find the issue

Alexander I.: Can you also send me a screen shot of the error on your end so I can see it here too ?

Albert He: ok

Upload File Option enabled

The file Screenshot 2019-08-07 18.57.48.png [130 KiB] has successfully been uploaded.

Albert He: in prevous account, the level 3 is not activated, but it works

Albert He: so level 3 seems not related to this issue

Alexander I.: It seems the matter is a bit technical and to resolve this as fast as possible I will forward it to our technical specialists right away and they will look into it in greater details for you and resolve it and notify you as soon as that is complete. Allow me just a few minutes please to post the ticket for you.

Albert He: ok. thanks for help

Alexander I.: Thank you for waiting I have just posted the ticket and our technical specialists will now start working on it and update you as soon as it’s done with the resolution. The ticket ID is – 3217501 and you can view it from your User area in the Support section and there View my tickets.

Alexander I.: Is there anything else I could assist you with ?

Alexander I.: As you have not responded for a while now, I guess we have been disconnected. Still, I would like to welcome you back to our Live Chat anytime. Goodbye for now and thank you for choosing SiteGround Hosting Services!

The chat session has been ended by the operator. Close

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  • Posted On 7 Aug, 2019 18:28 CDT

On behalf of client: I got error on my website https://m.211.services error message: “Uncaught Error: Class ‘Memcache’ not found in /home/hostlike/pubweb/211app/api/objects/language.php:20
Please check the screen shot for it

Antoan Momchilov

  • Support Guru
  • Posts: 12015
  • Posted On 7 Aug, 2019 19:00 CDT


Thank you for contacting our Helpdesk.

It appears that the website you mentioned was using Memcache, instead of Memcachedwhich is actually working on our servers.

Considering that, you can now check and if there is anything else, feel free to reach us again at any time.

Best Regards,
Antoan Momchilov
Technical Support Team

Avatar You

  • Posted On 7 Aug, 2019 20:48 CDT

Thanks. Once I change to use Memcached, it works.
Just curious, itwas working on us95.siteground.us server, but
Not working on usm92.siteground.biz server.

Are these servers using different setting?

Does the server us95.siteground.us installed both memcache and memcached?

Antoan Momchilov

  • Support Guru
  • Posts: 12015
  • Posted On 7 Aug, 2019 23:18 CDT

Actually, no. We are using Memcached on all our servers and that should be the default engine processor you use for your website at this point.

If there is anything else, feel free to reach us again here or via another ticket.

Best Regards,
Antoan Momchilov
Technical Support Team

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