installing nodejs

Albert He: installing nodejs

Albert He: This question is related to account: hostlike.com

Stanimir V.: Hello!

Stanimir V.: I hope you are doing well today

Albert He: good evening

Albert He: Is it possible to install nodejs on my space?

Stanimir V.: Allow me a moment to check the account

Albert He: thanks

Stanimir V.: Sorry , Albert! I checked the situation but I’m afraid node.js is not supported on our shared servers

Albert He: It’s very popular, could you install it?

Stanimir V.: As of the moment, installation is not possible but I will forward this to our dev team so they can consider it in the future as I understand it is very popular and used.

Albert He: Thanks! hope it would be supported shortly

Stanimir V.: You are most welcome! I’m also hoping the same and if they decide to push it there will be probably an email or an article about it on our website 🙂

Albert He: alright. Thanks!

Albert He: have a great weekend

Stanimir V.: If anything else comes up do not hesitate to reach us back at any time! Stay safe and take care, buddy! 🙂

Albert He: Thats it

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