home page image not show up

Albert He: home page image not show up

Albert He: This question is related to account: hostlike.com

Albert He: hi

George T.: Hello! Nice to have you over the LiveChat!

Albert He: happy new year

Albert He: 211cn.ca home page images are disappeared

Albert He: could you please help

George T.: I will gladly assist you!

George T.: Allow me a moment to review it and I will do my best to resolve it 🙂

Albert He: thanks

George T.: May I ask you what recent changes had been done to the website>?

Albert He: did not make any change these days. today i installed blackhole, but not activated yet.

Albert He: when i check the site, no image show up. so I tried to restore database from a few days ago, but not work

George T.: Okay, we need to restore the files as well after the database restoration, let me do that real quick, may I ask you from which date you restored the database?

Albert He: ok. restored yesterdays or 2 days agao files

George T.: I will restore the files from the same date as the database restoration, just a moment

Albert He: thanks

George T.: The restoration is in progress now.

Albert He: still no images

George T.: The restore has been just completed but indeed as I see the images are still not visible

Albert He: is it security issue?

Albert He: some permission?

Albert He: server settings?

George T.: I set the correct permissions for the installation, as well as it is secured now and the server settings are correct since I do not see any errors referring to the images issues. We can restore it from a different date if it is okay for you.

Albert He: ok. try that. we can restore it later

Albert He: this evening soemthing strange happened. the server flozen for a while

George T.: I am on it now

Albert He: is it under attack?could you check if anything been ahcked?

Albert He: around 5pm

George T.: The server is not under attack I already checked it from my side.

Albert He: mm..

Albert He: ssl certificate?

George T.: I will try the restoration from 28th December.

Albert He: ok, or try a week before

George T.: I can try from 22nd december

Albert He: ok

George T.: I am on it now

Albert He: works! what’s the issue?

George T.: Yes, the restoration is done now and the images are visible 🙂

Albert He: try 27th dec?

Albert He: because i’m sure 27th worked

George T.: Okay, I will restore it from 27th

George T.: The restoration is completed and as I see the images are visible on the website

Albert He: it seems not 27th, because 27th has posts, but not show up

George T.: Here is the log from the restore and the exact date i.imgur.com/RQkdBTh.jpg

Albert He: 29th is the latest one right?

George T.: Yes, correct 29th is the most recent backup

Albert He: can we try 29th?

George T.: The restoration over the chat is an exception that I did in order to assist you with the resolution, I can send you our article how to restore the files and the database in order to test the restoration from multiple dates.

Albert He: ok .let me try it

George T.: Here is our article for your convenience.

George T.: If you have any further questions you are always welcome to contact us back anytime you need in the future.

Albert He: ok, I found out that 27th files work, 29 database work, so 28th files have problem. any idea?

Albert He: system update on 28th?

George T.: I can tell that the reason is not related to a server update on this date or another setting, it is something on the application level, but unfortunately, I am not able to identify the exact reason since it is something beyond our scope of support.

Albert He: i’m trying to figure out the issue, not blaming any one

Albert He: please help me to identify the issue, so it won’t happen later

George T.: I really understand your point in this case, I am afraid that only a professional developer could identify the reason, we provide 60 USD coupon for our developer partners’ services, I can send you the link in order to sign up and they will be able to find the reason.

Albert He: is it 3rd party service? what’s it for?

George T.: Yes, it is a third-party developer service since we do not provide such services we have official partners.

Albert He: do they have access to the server?

George T.: They will request it if necessary for identifying the reason for the issue.

Albert He: what different between 3rd party service and the support ticket?

Albert He: because developer will involve in the ticket

Albert He: no need 3rd party to jump in

George T.: As I mentioned the issue is highly developer-related and we do not provide such services in order to post the support ticket to our experts.

Albert He: so can we say, siteground expert responsible for fixing issue, 3rd party will tell the reason?

Albert He: the root cause?

George T.: The third-party will also resolve the issue since it is developer-related if they found that there is something on the server that cause it we will fix it but I can assure you that this is not the reason in this case since I checked everything before confirming.

Albert He: alright, let’s try that

Albert He: thank you for hellp

George T.: Here is the referral link with the coupon of 60 USD for their services codeable.io/partners/siteground/?ref=bJHj2

Albert He: thank you, and happy new year!

George T.: You too 🙂 Bye and all the best from me!

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George T.
  • Customer Care Representative

Problem found

Plugin “Featured Image from URL” cause the issue – all images on home page disappeared.
Reverse the version to 2.7.0, the issue resolved.
Another finding: plugin UserWP v1.2.0.12 changed new bootstrap.css, all fonts on page will be changed to bigger font-size. Reverse to v1.0.23 works fine.
No need 3rd party service.

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