files was changed unexpected

files was changed unexpected

Albert He

Albert He: files was changed unexpected

Albert He: This question is related to

Petar M.: HI there

Petar M.: HI there

Petar M.: Welcome to SiteGround Hosting Services!

Albert He: HI

Albert He: my file was changed

Petar M.: Could you please elaborate some more so I can better assist you?

Albert He: under /home/hostlike/pubweb2117/

Albert He: was changed on Nov. 29 2:47pm

Albert He: database information was removed

Petar M.: Let me check this file, please

Albert He: thanks

Albert He: the installer-log.txt file was changed at the same time. look like something was installed

Albert He: at that time

Petar M.: Thanks for your patience

Petar M.: I checked on my end and confirm this date is shown Nov. 29

Petar M.: if you wish to restore the file from another date, this can be done from cpanel -> backup restore tool

Albert He: Is it possible to see what happened?

Petar M.: I see what you mean, however I am afraid it is not, as we do not keep operations logs. If the site is up and running, there is nothing to worry about. Please have in mind that such can be changed if any plugin is installed/updated or other php changes are done

Petar M.: As you have not responded for a while now, I guess we have been disconnected. Still, I would like to welcome you back to our Live Chat anytime.

Albert He: im here

Albert He: things look strange

Petar M.: OK, thought I lost you. If there is something else I can check, while we are together, please let me know

Albert He: it seems trying install wp, and config file was flushed

Petar M.: Can you please clarify what do you mean the WP was flushed?

Albert He: can you see who was connected at that time?

Albert He: database information was removed from the file home/hostlike/pubweb2117/

Petar M.: I checked the file now and see last edited few mins ago – it seems like you edited it now over the chat. As for your question, the only option to see what was in this file on the certain date, is the file to be restored

Albert He: I’m fixing it

Albert He: I’m trying to figure out what happened at that time

Albert He: so seeking your help on server end

Petar M.: I see what you mean, however as mentioned above, we do not keep operation logs,nor we do any changes unless per client’s request. If you wish how the file was on this certain date, it needs to be restored from this date

Albert He: got it. thanks

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