email hosting account vs hosting account

email hosting account vs hosting account

Albert He: email hosting account vs hosting account
Albert He: This question is related to account:
Lilia D.: Welcome to SiteGround Hosting Services!
Albert He: Hi
Lilia D.: How are you today Albert?:)\\
Albert He: great, and you?
Lilia D.: I am doing great as well, thank you for asking 😉
Lilia D.: I will be happy to assist you!
Albert He: I’d like to know what different between web hosting and email hosting, could you please explain?
Lilia D.: Absolutely, I confirm that the accounts we provide can be used for both websites and emails, where there are no specific accounts for only one of them. Each account comes with recourses that you can decide how to use, if you wish to focus the space usage on the emails or websites only, or manage it between both
Albert He: that’s what I confused
Albert He: web hosting already has email, why email hosting come?
Albert He: but does it have specific functions that web hosting does not have?
Lilia D.: I apologise if there is any misunderstanding as to the plans we offer are Webhosting plans, that allow you to host both websites and emails
Lilia D.: I confirm that it has all needed functions, where the difference is that for example, some companies offer separate plans
Albert He: what if the email account have large emails?
Lilia D.: For example, Gmail can offer only email hosting plans with no option for website hosting
Albert He: you mean, web host in one company, and email in another?
Lilia D.: Absolutely, as with us, you can manage both in one place 😉
You can manage the mail space usage for each account
Albert He: so no difference?
Lilia D.: Depending on your needs each of the plans we offer comes with different resources, the higher the plan, the more space
Albert He: I see
Albert He: cool, thank you for explanation!
Lilia D.: Most welcome 😉
Albert He: got it. the limit is the resource
Lilia D.: You are absolutely correct, as we have made the process of upgrading to a higher plan the easiest one when needed
Albert He: if one web site uses a lot of resources, then I need to separate it out, would it lost emails?
Lilia D.: Not at all, as indeed in case one plan reaches the limit of usage, you can simply upgrade to a higher one
Albert He: I’m using the highest plan:)
Lilia D.: I see you refer to, as indeed the GoGeek plan is the highest shared plan, yet you can upgrade to Cloud plan
Lilia D.: Still, I checked your emails and see they are all set to use 250 MB space
Albert He: cloud plan? how much cost?
Albert He: yes, be default
Lilia D.: You can manage and increase this space to up 6 Gb for each email account
Albert He: but one of my friends is asking for hosting, as I know she use email a lot
Albert He: so that’s my concern
Lilia D.: You can review our Cloud hosting plans here, as you can choose one of the 4 plans, or Configure your own cloud
Albert He: very expensive 🙁
Albert He: what benefit of cloud?
Albert He: compare to current one?
Lilia D.: There are huge benefits, as the Cloud plan, allows you to manage the recourses separately, CPU, RAM and space
Lilia D.: It also comes with the powerful WHM tool, that allows you to create separate cPanels and manage their resources
Albert He: is it dedicated server?
Lilia D.: For example on the Cloud account, the email max quota can be the one you enter and not limited to 6GB
Lilia D.: It is not a Dedicated Server, but there are many tools that allow you to manage the account in more depth
Albert He: got it
Albert He: once my business grow than i will consider it:)
Lilia D.: In that case, I hope the next time we speak you are on Cloud :))
Albert He: back to the question, if I need to separate one of the website, will the email lost?
Lilia D.: Not at all, I confirm you can manage the website in one account and the emails in another
Albert He: two account?
Albert He: do you mean email hosting?
Lilia D.: For example, I refer to 2 Geek accounts, as in one you can host the website and in the other the emails
Albert He: ok
Albert He: cool
Albert He: thank you very much!
Lilia D.: The pleasure was all mine, if anything comes up reach us back we would be more than happy to assist!
I wish you a wonderful day ahead!
Albert He: have a wonderful day!
Lilia D.: Thank you ^^ You as well 🙂
Albert He: oh, by the way, the cloud hosting is based on microsoft or amazon or …
Lilia D.: The Cloud hosting uses the same Linux/Nginx servers we offer, as the tool you will manage it with is WHM
Albert He: so its your own infrastructure?
Lilia D.: Not at the moment, as these tools are based on cPanel, yet we ar working on implementing our own
Lilia D.: For your convenience I will send you this chat transcript and you can refer to the information when needed. 🙂
Albert He: haha, excellent!
Albert He: that’s it.
Albert He: bye now, have a wonderful day!
Lilia D.: Thank you, have a great one as well!
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