database was created but not visible

Albert He: database was created but not visible, and no way to recreate it.

Albert He: This question is related to account: hostlike.com

Georgi Y.: Hello Albert, welcome to our live chat

Albert He: HI

Albert He: hostlike_acup database was created, but not visible

Georgi Y.: Allow me a moment to take a look please

Albert He: thanks

Georgi Y.: I see that the database has been created but hasn’t been connected with a user

Georgi Y.: When in cPanel, open MySql database under Databases tab

Albert He: i did, but cannot see it

Albert He: what’s why it did not connect to a user

Georgi Y.: This is the database you are searching for and under it you need to create the user manually

Albert He: ok. i can see it now. trying to connect a user

Georgi Y.: I’m glad you found it.

Albert He: works!

Albert He: thanks a lot!

Georgi Y.: If any further questions come up, we are here 24/7

Georgi Y.: You are welcome!

Albert He: have a wonderful day!

Georgi Y.: Thank you and I wish you the same!

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