301 redirection not work

Albert He: attage.com redirection not work.

Albert He: This question is related to account: hostlike.com

Antonio K.: Hey Albert!

Antonio K.: Welcome to the live chat!

Albert He: Hello

Albert He: I set 403 redirection, but not work

Antonio K.: Hope you are doing fine today!

Albert He: i’m fine. thanks!

Antonio K.: Glad to hear that!

Antonio K.: May I know what is the redirect you wish to create exactly so I can investigate it further

Albert He: http://mortgageedge.ca/Judy-Yin

Albert He: thanks

Antonio K.: Thank you!

Antonio K.: I am on it!

Antonio K.: Just fixed it ! I had to install SSL on attage.com from the cPanel > Lets Encryt and to clear the server cache. You can test it now from your end as I can see it works as a charm 😛

Albert He: so without ssl it never work?

Antonio K.: That is correct

Antonio K.: Still, it;s a lot better to have SSL

Albert He: so another sub domain has the same issue: reno.211cn.ca

Albert He: once I set ssl it will work,right?

Antonio K.: Yup, that is correct

Antonio K.: I can take care of that for you if you wish

Albert He: Thanks a lot!

Albert He: i just set ssl

Albert He: it might take some time to take effect

Antonio K.: Yup, let’s give it 3-4 minutes and see how it goes

Albert He: ok

Albert He: ssl already active, but the redirection still not work

Albert He: https://reno.211cn.ca/

Albert He: 403 error

Antonio K.: Hmm , should the subdomain point to http://mortgageedge.ca/Judy-Yin

as well

Albert He: not mortgage one

Albert He: should point to: https://reno.211cn.ca/

Albert He: https://211cn.ca/c ategory/building-h ouse/

Albert He: https://211cn.ca/category/building-house/

Antonio K.: Thank you!

Antonio K.: I will try to set that up for you

Antonio K.: Bear with me for few minutes please 🙂

Antonio K.: All set 🙂

Albert He: by the way, what difference between 403 redirection and subdomain redirection?

Antonio K.: Just made the redirect directly from the .htaccess file with this rule:

Redirect 301 / https://211cn.ca/category/building-house/

Albert He: good to know that. thanks!

Antonio K.: Most welcome! Apart from this, is there anything else that I can be helpful with 🙂

Albert He: which .htaccess file you are using?

Antonio K.: This one: /home/hostlike/pubweb/211reno/.htaccess

Albert He: ok

Albert He: i want to remove this additional folder, can i just use 403 redirections on cpanel?

Antonio K.: Yes, you can use it

Albert He: I changed the folder name, it shows 403 now

Antonio K.: What is the new folder name >

Albert He: it works by changing document root

Antonio K.: Yup, because that way it roots to the correct folder

Albert He: thank you for help. have a great day!

Antonio K.: Always a pleasure! Can you please close our chat session from you end, from the CLOSE CHAT button, if that was all 🙂 And have a great rest of your day!

Albert He: sure

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