fudacanada.ca Domain Transfer now unlocked

  • A Domains: Domain Transfer unlocked
  • S Sowjanya joined
  • A 251608-489429Hello
  • S Hello, Albert. I’m Sowjanya. Welcome to Live Chat. I will definitely assist you with your query regarding unlock.Thank you for the Support code.
  • A The domain name just be uncloked today, could you please reinitiate the transfer?
  • S Do you wish to unlock the domain?Thank you for the information.
  • A it was unlocked today
  • S Definitely! I will help you to initiate transfer.
  • A because I transfered two days ago, but it was locked.thanks!
  • S Thank you for the information.Can you please be on hold for 4-5 minutes while I initiate transfer.
  • A no problem
  • S Thank you for holding, I appreciate your patience.I was unable to initiate transfer due to following errors: domain fudacanada.ca saved and submitted, but due to error(s) was not processed. Reason(s): .ca auth code must only contain letters and digits.I suggest you to contact Go Daddy to verify if the EPP code which was supplied is valid.
  • A i will send you the code, just moment
  • S Definitely!
  • A Your authorization code is F88P47723A4H4588it should work
  • S Thank you for the information.I will try to re-initiate transfer. I will be back in 4-5 minutes.
  • A ok
  • S Thank you for holding, I appreciate your patience.I have successfully initiated transfer. Please approve the email complete transfer.
  • A Thank you!
  • S You’re welcome.
  • A I also got confirmation email for the success transfer
  • S Perfect! Domain will transfer within 5-7 days.There’s going to be a quick survey wherein you will get to rate this chat on a scale of 1 to 5; five being the best. I’d really appreciate if you could take it and let me know how I did.Would you like me to help you with anything else?
  • A the status on the system still pending?
  • S Yes, Albert. Domain will take 5-7 days to complete transfer.So, we can update the domain status after 5-7 days.
  • A thank you for help! have a great day!
  • S You’re welcome.If you should need further assistance, please do not hesitate to open another chat with us.Thank you for reaching out, and have a great day.
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  • A Domains: Domain Transfer why fudacanada.ca still pending?
  • R Raksha joined
  • R Hello Albert, Welcome to live chat, My name is Raksha. I will help you with domain issue.
  • A 251608-734230
  • R Thank you. Please be on hold for 2 minutes while I locate your account.I am checking this with our Billing techs. Please hold for 3-4 minutes.
  • A I renewed from dodaddy to 2020-09-13, then transferred to your company, but the expiry date still showing the same, it should be 2021-09-13. Please check
  • R Domain is not yet transferred to us. Transfer is pending. Please hold for 3-4 minutes..I Will get back to you quickly.
  • A Updated On:2019-10-24 It was done a few weeks ago
  • R Thank you for the information. We will renew it. Allow me few mins.
  • A Registrar: Tucows.com Co. not godaddy any more
  • R Thank you for holding. Yes. Domain is renewed successfully till 2021. Could you please check it now?
  • A whois still showing 2020in the account it shows 2021, correct, but…
  • R Yes. In whois it shows it in couple of hours. It takes some timeI would suggest you to check in few hours
  • A ok. May I ask if your system process automated?
  • R Sorry, I didn’t get you.
  • A I transferred a few domain name, some were transferred correctly, some not. Like this one, I have to spend lots of time to track it and seek manual help to complete the process. It give you more hard time as well.
  • R Sorry about it Albert. I understand its annoying . Usually it has to be transferred automatically in 5 to 7 days once you approve the transfer email we send you. But. even after approving email sometimes due to system debug transfer would not complete or domain would not be renewed after transfer. In that case, e have to manually update it. i will report this to billing team,
  • A Thank you! Wish u all the best in the future.

Thank you for contacting Arvixe support. Please rate your support representative in the following areas from 1 to 5 (5 being the best).

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