Domains: Domain Renewal pending


  • F Domains: Domain Renewal pending
  • R Rahul joined
  • F hi
  • R

    Hello Feng. Welcome to live chat, My name is Rahul. I will be glad to assist you.

    Let me check this, Could you please provide me with the Support Code which you can obtain from your client area at under the Support Option so that I can locate your account and help you with this.

  • F could you please cancel the domain revewal for
  • R Let me check this, please provide the support code.
  • F I just got the email that charge the renewal fee, but the status is still pending

    support code: 251608-357681

  • R Thank you for the support code.

    Okay, let me check it. Please be on hold for 3-4 minutes.

    Thank you for being on hold, I have checked it. I could see the domain was already renewed from backend and the Expiration date is set to May 21, 2020

    Unfortunately we will not be able to cancel the domain renewal once done.

  • F but the status is pending

    If i cannot own the domain why did you renew it?

  • R I could see the invoice was paid, the domain was already renewed from the registrar end.
  • F Is the domain belong to me?
  • R

    I could see the domain was registered from August 15, 2018 in this account

    Please check :

  • F

    I can see the status is active now. why it was pending?

    if the domain registered from you is secure?

  • R

    The Status was being updated, the domain was already renewed once the invoice was paid.

    The is registered through and is secure.

    It’s been a couple of minutes since I’ve heard from you. Are we still connected?

  • F ok, thanks

  • R You’re most welcome.

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