Get event list with feature image

Plugin: The Events Calendar By Modern Tribe, Inc.

The event data is stored on multiple rows in two tables: wp_posts and wp_postmeta.

SELECT `post_title`,`post_content`,post_name,
(SELECT meta_value FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE and meta_key=’_EventStartDate’) Start,
(SELECT meta_value End FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE and meta_key=’_EventEndDate’) End,
(select p1.guid from wp_posts p1 join
(select,m.meta_value from wp_posts po join wp_postmeta m on and meta_key=’_thumbnail_id’ where post_status=’publish’) m on where featureimage
FROM `wp_posts` p WHERE post_type=’tribe_events’ and post_status=’publish’

event list

event List Feature Images

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